Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alcumus Update - 2

And here are my Alcumus stats for today(26th February '12) –

Alcumus Score: 53.1612 (Rank 1944 of 8752)
Problems: 301 out of 390 (77.18%)
Algebra: Level 7 (Subject Score: 68.8)
Geometry: Level 4 (Subject Score: 43.5)
Counting and Probability: Level 3 (Subject Score: 25.61)
Number Theory: Level 4 (Subject Score: 47.18)
Prealgebra: Level 11 (Subject Score: 42.66)
Quests & Honors: 13 out of 24 attempted
Topics Passed: 69 (4 mastered)
Bugs Reported: 2 (1 validated)
Max Correct Streak: 32
Max Incorrect Streak: 3
AoPS Karma: -45

And also, I solved another problem on Project Euler. I used pen and paper though. I’m working on a programming way for it. 

            By the way, I was also working through my way on the Python for beginners on wikibooks(check yesterday’s post for the link). I must admit, it was fun!

            By the way, I just watched Speedy Singhs

AND the most important news of them all,

INDIA decimated France 8 -1 in the final of the London qualifiers in hockey. We are going to London!! Yay!

Until next time,

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