Friday, February 24, 2012

AoPS and Alcumus

It’s exactly one month since the previous post.

I had promised a post 19 days ago but never really could get around writing it. My sincere apologies for that. Since I’ve got holidays now, I’ll have more time to post on this blog.

            As I said in my previous post, I have no idea in what way this blog is going to unfurl itself. I’m going to let my intuition decide on what I’m going to post here.

            These past few days, I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time on Art of Problem Solving website(hereby abbreviated as AoPS). I first found out about the website on October 26th and really liked it. I wanted to spend more time on it but I never really could get myself to do so. 

            They’ve got this “online learning system” called ‘Alcumus’. It basically gives me challenging problems to solve from a variety of topics and upon solving them correctly, I get some XP that enables me to level-up in that topic/chapter. 

            The number of problems that I’ve attempted as of now is 300 and out of them, I solved 234 of them correctly. So that gives a percentage of 78. 

Here’s the link to my Alcumus Profile -> Click here!

My current levels in the main subjects are –
Algebra – Level 4
Geometry – Level 3
Counting and Probability – Level 3
Number Theory – Level 3
Pre-algebra – Level 10

As you can see my level in Pre-algebra is the highest of them all because it’s in that topic that I’ve been solving the most problems in for the past 3 days. Out of the 300 that I’ve solved, 207 were a part of Pre-algebra. 

            Yesterday, I decided that I’ll switch to Geometry and increase the difficulty level of the problems by a bit. It was “hard” before and now I’ve changed it to “insane”.

            I’m really looking forward to using more of Alcumus and going through its entire 7500+ problems.

I’ll be updating my blog with statistics daily. That’ll kind of hold me accountable and make me use Alcumus more.

One more thing, check out the following link. Trust me, 90% of the people will find it funny and kinda informative ->

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