Friday, March 30, 2012

Pirate Bay plans on taking up base in space?

Click it if you can't read it.


There were quite a lot of replies to this but all of them varied in answers.

You can check the question out here -> (Just scroll down until Feb 29th, 1:02 pm. Sorry, couldn't find a link to it directly)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crossed the 1k page-views mark.

Here are a few stats for this month -

Number of page-views : 817

Post with highest page-views : MITx - The story so far with 55
( next highest is "Troll comics" with 34)

The top 3 countries that have visited this blog -
United States 410

India 186

United Kingdom 53

That's a pretty contrasting view from my other blog as it gets most of it's views from India but hey, as long as I get them, I don't really care from where they come.

The top 3 reffering sites are - Google and followed by facebook.

It'll be interesting to see how this blog continues with it's growth. Also, I'm a lot more comfortable sharing this blog with others so, even if I get 100+ page-views/a day or a minute for that matter, I'll be 'okay' with it.

For the time being, I'm going to continue with posting on this blog. I did go on a virtual hibernation some-time ago but I seriously doubt I'll be going on one in the next 3 months because I have holidays.

Until next time,

AmaPh - 4

Just a random pic for today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AmaPh - 3

Ek Niranjan (don't know why but I had to type that here.) In english it means - Solitary person.

Stumbled upon this on StumbleUpon - How to tie a tie (I don't know of any other place where I can access this link so easily other than here!)

AmaPh - 2

This, as you may have guessed is the 2nd photograph of my AmaPh series.

Click the picture for a magnified view.

- There is the promised better view of my Casio G-Shock. As you can see, the watch reads "Saturday, 3:01pm 5 seconds, 24th March, 2012" and also there's the EL backlight that I was talking about. See what I meant about it being perfect?

- What you see before it is my 'Cello TechnoTip XS'. I absolutely adore that pen. The color of the ink is just perfect and added to that, I like the glossy framing of it's cap (don't know what I mean. Maybe it'll crop up on a later pic). There have been times when I misplaced it and refused to write unless I found it. Of late, I've been using a Parker but TechnoTip XS will always be 'special'. You should probably try it out once.

- In the foreground, the blurry thingy is a pen-pencil. More specifically, Classmate's Leonardo Da Vinci. It's something that I exchanged for something else in a time of desperation. I've been absolutely loving it since then. It's got its own pros and cons when compared to a normal pencil but it does save me the trouble of having to sharpen it repeatedly.

Well, that's about it for now.

Until next time,


PS : Today marks the day of our last board exam. Oops. Correction, yesterday since it's midnight.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Amateur Photography - 1

I was testing out the different features of my Sony CyberShot. Took a dozen or so black and white pictures that I absolutely loved. I will posting them on this blog after editing them slightly over the next few days!

To start it off,

That's my Casio G-Shock DW-6900.(A better picture of it will be posted soon!)

I wear this watch everywhere I go for a couple of reasons.

- I absolutely love digital watches. I'm not really a big fan of the traditional 2 handed watches since I care a lot about the seconds as well.

- It's shock resistant. I've lost count of the many times it's fallen to the ground from a considerable height but nothing happened.

- Had to get it repaired only once in it's long lifetime (it's pretty old!)

- I love the countdown timer in it. You don't find that in many other digital watches here. I use it for everything!

- The stopwatch feature also comes in handy. I'm guilty of forgetting to stop it though :P (Left it at times and it went on to run till 23 hours)

- The EL backlight is wonderful. I mean, it wastes no extra light. It's 'perfect'.

That's about it for now,


(decided to take a break from just the plain 'Adarsh' and the now-old 'adarshnet')

Friday, March 23, 2012

Programmer Ryan Gosling

I stumbled upon the following link while I was browsing the MIT admissions facebook page. It gave me a laugh and felt that it was worth sharing. So, check out -->

PS : Geeky stuff.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Troll comics

Who doesn't like troll comics?(I doubt if we'll find anyone).

They're hilarious.

I just experimented with one. Check it out ->

Click to enlarge.

Until next time,


PS : My next post will be on my experiments on an ancient PC.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MITx - 6.002x - The story so far

As you probably know from my previous post, I have enrolled in 6.002x Circuits and Electronics which is a prototype class for MIT's new online learning initiative called "MITx"

It's been 3 days since the course started and the things so far are looking pretty rosy. 

There was zero differential equations or any of the 'advanced' math so, I survived it. The lecture sequences were taught nicely and the tutorial videos supplemented them pretty well. The text-book was another useful resource. I already knew some(little, very little) of the stuff that was being taught so it was kind of easy for me. 

However, I wouldn't go as far as to say it was 'easy' because it wasn't. The lecture sequences were 'easy' but that was probably because I didn't have to do anything other than relax in my chair and watch them. The text-book was very detailed but hey, I'm not complaining. It did well to explain the concepts. It was doing the homework that was 'hard'. Not surprising you say eh?

I had been postponing doing the homework problems since the last 2 days but today, I decided to get them done. I sat at about 6pm, fresh/drowsy from a short nap and it took me the next 3 hours to do every single one of the problems 100% correctly. The chew-marks on my pen(yes PEN) should probably tell the tale.

Anyway, they were indeed kinda difficult. They sure did make me think. So, this is what problem-sets look like eh?

Never mind the time spent wondering what had gone wrong because, in the end, I came about with a sense of satisfaction that I knew more after solving the problems than I knew before doing them.

I wonder what's in store over the next few months.

Until next time,


This is pretty much what the homework segment looks like now but it sure didn't come easily!
This didn't come about easily either.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


            MITx is a new online learning initiative by MIT. “MITx will offer a portfolio of MIT courses through an online interactive learning platform”
If you want to read more about it, here’s the press release from MIT -> Press Release from MIT
 And here's the link to their website --> MITx

Their pilot course is “Circuits and Electronics” – 6.002x 

In their words - “In order to succeed in this course, you must have taken an AP level physics course in electricity and magnetism. You must know basic calculus and linear algebra and have some background in differential equations.”
 I fulfill neither of those requirements yet, I enrolled. I just wanted to tag along to see how it’s going to work. They say that I’m going to have to spend atleast “10 hours a week” to do ‘well’ in this course. Since it’s holidays, I can try it out for a week or a two. Honestly speaking, I want to get a feel of how stuff is taught at MIT.

According to their website, more courses will be available this coming fall. I'm pretty excited to know what these new courses will be in!

Until next time,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Windows 8

    I wasn't this excited about a new release since Resistance 3.

Short entry : Windows 8 blew me away.

  Just yesterday, I stumbled upon the Windows 8 consumer preview and I've since read countless articles about the new Windows 8 detailing every bit of how awesome it is.

You should check this link out before reading whats next(honestly, I don't think you'll return once you click the link but thats OK.) --> Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Here's what I love about the new Windows 8 :

- The new Metro UI(User Interface) looks awesome. I've recently started growing a liking towards minimalistic design and this interface takes the cake.

- The fluidity with which we can shift through the browsers is remarkable.

- The idea of a lock screen also appeals to me and the new password thingy also looks pretty cool. However, I'm going to stick to the older version of it.

- What I love is that it takes a break away from the normal Windows interface and gives us a tablet-like experience. I really think that I'll be more productive on it than on what I am currently.

However, I don't plan on upgrading anytime soon. That's not because I don't want to but because I can't.

- I have some pretty important files on my laptop right now and I can't risk them getting wiped off by installing the new Windows 8.

- I already have a dual operating system and adding a Windows 8 consumer preview will ask a lot of my 60GB(you read that right) hard disk space(total).

-I think I'll increase my ram by a bit before attempting to do any stuff because I think Windows 8 will kinda drain the speed of my laptop and not work very efficiently.

-Most important of them all, it's just the Windows 8 Consumer preview that's available. It may contain a lot of bugs and what not. Maybe I'll just wait for Microsoft to release it and then *wink*
And, as it always has been,

My laptop's ancient. Enough said.

In other news, I had my first Board Exam today. T'was mathematics. Pretty much aced it. Expecting a 79/80. Made a calculation mistake, couldn't find the square root of a number(*$#!)...