Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AmaPh - 2

This, as you may have guessed is the 2nd photograph of my AmaPh series.

Click the picture for a magnified view.

- There is the promised better view of my Casio G-Shock. As you can see, the watch reads "Saturday, 3:01pm 5 seconds, 24th March, 2012" and also there's the EL backlight that I was talking about. See what I meant about it being perfect?

- What you see before it is my 'Cello TechnoTip XS'. I absolutely adore that pen. The color of the ink is just perfect and added to that, I like the glossy framing of it's cap (don't know what I mean. Maybe it'll crop up on a later pic). There have been times when I misplaced it and refused to write unless I found it. Of late, I've been using a Parker but TechnoTip XS will always be 'special'. You should probably try it out once.

- In the foreground, the blurry thingy is a pen-pencil. More specifically, Classmate's Leonardo Da Vinci. It's something that I exchanged for something else in a time of desperation. I've been absolutely loving it since then. It's got its own pros and cons when compared to a normal pencil but it does save me the trouble of having to sharpen it repeatedly.

Well, that's about it for now.

Until next time,


PS : Today marks the day of our last board exam. Oops. Correction, yesterday since it's midnight.

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