Saturday, March 24, 2012

Amateur Photography - 1

I was testing out the different features of my Sony CyberShot. Took a dozen or so black and white pictures that I absolutely loved. I will posting them on this blog after editing them slightly over the next few days!

To start it off,

That's my Casio G-Shock DW-6900.(A better picture of it will be posted soon!)

I wear this watch everywhere I go for a couple of reasons.

- I absolutely love digital watches. I'm not really a big fan of the traditional 2 handed watches since I care a lot about the seconds as well.

- It's shock resistant. I've lost count of the many times it's fallen to the ground from a considerable height but nothing happened.

- Had to get it repaired only once in it's long lifetime (it's pretty old!)

- I love the countdown timer in it. You don't find that in many other digital watches here. I use it for everything!

- The stopwatch feature also comes in handy. I'm guilty of forgetting to stop it though :P (Left it at times and it went on to run till 23 hours)

- The EL backlight is wonderful. I mean, it wastes no extra light. It's 'perfect'.

That's about it for now,


(decided to take a break from just the plain 'Adarsh' and the now-old 'adarshnet')

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