Friday, March 2, 2012

Windows 8

    I wasn't this excited about a new release since Resistance 3.

Short entry : Windows 8 blew me away.

  Just yesterday, I stumbled upon the Windows 8 consumer preview and I've since read countless articles about the new Windows 8 detailing every bit of how awesome it is.

You should check this link out before reading whats next(honestly, I don't think you'll return once you click the link but thats OK.) --> Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Here's what I love about the new Windows 8 :

- The new Metro UI(User Interface) looks awesome. I've recently started growing a liking towards minimalistic design and this interface takes the cake.

- The fluidity with which we can shift through the browsers is remarkable.

- The idea of a lock screen also appeals to me and the new password thingy also looks pretty cool. However, I'm going to stick to the older version of it.

- What I love is that it takes a break away from the normal Windows interface and gives us a tablet-like experience. I really think that I'll be more productive on it than on what I am currently.

However, I don't plan on upgrading anytime soon. That's not because I don't want to but because I can't.

- I have some pretty important files on my laptop right now and I can't risk them getting wiped off by installing the new Windows 8.

- I already have a dual operating system and adding a Windows 8 consumer preview will ask a lot of my 60GB(you read that right) hard disk space(total).

-I think I'll increase my ram by a bit before attempting to do any stuff because I think Windows 8 will kinda drain the speed of my laptop and not work very efficiently.

-Most important of them all, it's just the Windows 8 Consumer preview that's available. It may contain a lot of bugs and what not. Maybe I'll just wait for Microsoft to release it and then *wink*
And, as it always has been,

My laptop's ancient. Enough said.

In other news, I had my first Board Exam today. T'was mathematics. Pretty much aced it. Expecting a 79/80. Made a calculation mistake, couldn't find the square root of a number(*$#!)...


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