Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project DIS

Now that MUWCI is behind me, I can concentrate of some other things that require immediate notice.

I hereby launch

Project D.I.S.
Project D.I.S. has come about at a time of urgency when the ghosts of the past and the aliens of the future threaten the well-being of the present. This project aims to give the mind something else to worry upon.

In the event that I do not get into MUWCI, I’ll be studying in some college in Hyderabad. Well, I’ll be taking Math, Physics and Chemistry in my intermediate. No doubt about that. 

So, uh,
I’ve got 5 entrance exams ahead of me.

Ramaiah, Sri Mega, Delta, Krishna Murthy and FIITJEE

They are all exams that test the students in Math, Physics and Chemistry. Students aim at clearing the cut-off so that they can join the respective institutions which are known as the best in the field.

Objective: Ace the exams/clear all the cut offs
Time Frame: 12 days (from the 17th of April to 13th May)
Subjects: Math, Physics and Chemistry
Estimated time to be spent per day: 9 hours (3 hours for each subject)

Well, they’re on 21st, 22nd, 23rd of this month. That’s less than 6 days to brush up everything I know and learn some new things as well.

Anyway, as an attempt that plans on killing 2 birds with one stone, posting on the blog as well as giving me a reason to study, I’ll be posting here what I learnt daily and uh, some other interesting stuff that I learnt while I was studying for them.

Until next time,

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