Thursday, May 17, 2012

Delta's ISEET Reasoning class

Here's a incomplete list of things that I've learned over the past 12 days as a result of going to an ISEET reasoning class. I'll update it later....

-          0.99999….. = 1 ->  I’ve seen the proof of this so many times but I always thought it was just some math joke. Turns out it isn’t and that 0.999… is indeed equal to 1.

-          Zeno’s Dichotomy paradox -> This paradox says that in order to cover a distance of ‘x’, you first have to cover a distance of x/2. But in order to cover a distance of x/2, you need to cover a distance of x/4 but hey, in order to cover a distance of x/4, you need to cover a distance of x/8 and that just goes on and on and on. So that means, there is a infinite number of distances that you need to cover before you can cover that distance but hey, that isn’t true in reality is it?   I was planning on proving Zeno wrong with a series of questions but I never really got down to putting it on paper and I’m not sure if I even remember them now. Anyway, the teacher told us the answer to that paradox the next day. Look it up on Wikipedia.

-          Truth tables -> When we were being taught this topic, I was like “What the hell is he talking about?” It didn’t make much sense at that moment but I think it makes a teenie meenie bit more sense now.

-          I’m a big fan of automating my work using a computer. So, while I was working out some of the reasoning problems which included paragraphs and we had to choose the option that most likely resembled the paragraph, I realized that computers couldn’t reason. I mean, while reading the paragraph, our mind can infer something but the computer just works on some specific protocols and hence cannot reason if something new appears in its way. It was at that moment that humans earned some respect from me. (Of course, artificial intelligence might be able to do that but it hasn’t really been optimized yet. The day it happens, I’ll edit this post okay?)

-          Set theory isn’t as bad as I thought it to be. It might get monotonous and boring sometimes but at the end of the day, it makes you think.

-          I also learned a bit about Limits and sequences.

-          Functions. *Yawn* Functions have always bothered me. Mainly because I’m not that big a fan of co-ordinate geometry and cannot be bothered to remember all the equations of straight lines and all. It wasn’t any different this time around. I tried my best to try to understand what the teacher was talking about and all I got was flickers of understanding. I really need to step my game on this one.

Even speaking of functions makes me feel sleepy. *Yawn*

I’ll continue this post sometime later.

Until next time,

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