Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why are parallel universes uncountable?

Before you start reading what’s below, I hope you have a basic understanding of what a parallel universe is. If not, I’m afraid it won’t make much sense to you….

To count the number of parallel universes out there is just like infinity. You cannot simply fathom it. It is bigger than anything that you can imagine. You might still be skeptical and ask me for a better explanation. Well, okay, I’ll give it to you. I’ll be writing about myself but, just extrapolate those into 7 billion people and you’ll get a number unimaginably large. Enough with the hype, let’s get started.

            In a parallel universe (IAPU), I would have started writing this an hour ago when the idea struck me first. In yet another parallel universe, I would have been too lazy to write this. IYAPU, I would have started writing this but quarter way through, I’d have been displeased by my efforts and scratch the entire thing. IYAPU, I would get halfway through before doing that. IYAPU, I would write the complete post and then not post it. That same parallel universe branches into 2 or more. I would have posted it in the night. In another, I would have posted it 2 days later. In another, I would have posted it 3 days later…And so on. In another, I would have stumbled onto this post 10 years later and then post it. Now, even each of those parallel universes can further branch up. After I post it in the night, I’ll go for a walk in a parallel universe. IYAPU, I wouldn’t go for a walk but stay in my house. IYAPU, an asteroid would hit a plain piece of ground 10 miles away disrupting my internet communication. IYAPU, the asteroid would hit my house. In another parallel universe, while writing the previous two sentences, I would have realized that the correct term to use is ‘meteorite’ but leave it like that. IYAPU, I would have corrected it. IYAPU, I would survive the asteroid (I mean, meteorite) crash. In a parallel universe, my room would be sound proof and I wouldn’t hear my dog barking. IYAPU, the IPL final would have been today. IYAPU, I would have been the youngest player playing in the history of IPL. IYAPU, I would have been born in any of the other 180 countries. That’s 180 parallel universes right there. In each of those parallel universes, any of the above, if true would be unique. That’d be like 180*x. But hey, can we not think of infinite things that could have happened in this universe but didn’t? For example, (1) In this universe, I wrote 1 in those brackets. In some other universe, I’d have written 2, in some other 3, in some other, 4. And so on. You have infinite parallel universes right there. So, even if I had lived the same exact life until the moment I had written that previous statement, my life could still have branched into an infinite number of parallel universes. No matter how insignificant, it’s a change and hence it’s a parallel universe.

Now, take a second and think about it.

Even if I had lived the same life until that very moment, something as small as a number in a bracket would be enough to cause an infinite parallel universes to be born. But then there’s no hard and fast rule that I would live the same exact life until I was sixteen. Maybe, if I had to make a decision between 2 things when I was ten, something as simple as whether I should go to school that day or not. We’d have twice the number of infinite universes. Since in one, I’d go to school but still write those infinite numbers in brackets but in another, I would not go to school but still write those  infinite numbers in a bracket. 

Now think of how many decisions we make each day. No, not even decision, every action counts. You looked into the mirror in the morning today? In a parallel universe, you’d be too lazy to look into it. IYAPU, you would be too busy to look into it. IYAPU, you would not have a mirror to look into. I could go on.
If something as insignificant as looking into a mirror can cause around a 100 different scenarios. Think of how many typing a key into your keyboard can have. Your 3rd finger on your left hand clicked on the letter ‘C’ at 6:45 pm. Well, in a parallel universe, you’d have hit the letter D. In another Q, in another W. And so on.
That’s like infinity times infinity.

Now think, I was just talking about myself today. What about the remaining 6,234,121,123 people on this planet? And who said only humans should be counted? Why not animals also? Did you know that the weight of all ants on earth exceeds a trillion kg? Each ant weighs less than a 10th of a kilo. So, that means there are atleast1,000,000,000,000 number of ants on this Earth. Each action of any single ant in those hundred trillion is enough to cause an infinite parallel universes to be formed.

That, that, is what I meant when I said counting the number of parallel universes is not possible.

Keep thinking.

(PS : On a side note, infinity times infinity times……(infinite times) *infinity is still infinity. )

If you're interested, here's a link -> Lecture 3|The Big Questions|Nicholas DiBella

IAPU, I would’ve started writing this post an hour ago when I got the idea.
IAPU, I would have had an IQ touching 100
IAPU, I would not have started blogging
IAPU, the fan rotating above me would unhinge and fall, slicing my head and killing me.
IAPU, my laptop’s battery would not be so crappy
IAPU, my desk would have just my laptop and not be as cluttered as it is now
IAPU, I wouldn’t have been such a book-worm.
IAPU, I would be out there enjoying the evening instead of sitting in my room and writing this.
IAPU, I would have gotten into MUWCI.
IAPU, I would have been a musician.
IAPU, I would not have a laptop.
IAPU, you wouldn’t be reading this.
IAPU, I’d be typing this from some rural village in India.

…IAPU, I wouldn’t be so… (add anything here)


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  2. Were you intending to use the phrase "uncountable" in the rigorous mathematical sense? I don't think the number of universes in uncountable in the rigorous mathematical sense. The number atoms in the universe is an extremely large finite number. To get the number of creatures in all of the universes we are essentially adding up an infinite number of very large amounts which would be countably infinite. The number of actions that I can take in this universe is again I would argue an extremely large number but not infinite. The total number of actions I can take would still be infinite because I would be adding up another large number infinite times; this is again countably infinite. So we now have two degrees of infinity. All the possible things there are and all the possible lives those things could live. Imagine on the possitive Y axis you have each integer represent a possible thing. And on the possitive x axis you have each integer represent a possible life for that thing. So we now have each x,y coordinate in the positive direction representing a possible thing and the life for that possible thing. That set corresponds to the rational numbers set and it is countably infinite. I just wrote this for fun by the way; I could very easily be wrong. It is temping to say I can do an uncountable number of things in my life but I really can't. If I were to try to form my very own irrational number, the number of irrational numbers are uncountable by the way, and I were to write nothing but numbers for the rest of my life, I would fail to produce my own rational number. Of all of the possible number combinations I could write down on paper in a single lifetime, not one of those numbers would be irrational. That should help demonstrate just how large uncountable is.